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We love cats and we are into good design. That's why we develop cat furniture that beautifies our home. Our cat furniture is produced sustainably in Germany by small manufacturers. By the way, our idea was originally created for the Animal Shelter Munich. Today, thousands of cats and animal lovers around the world already enjoy LucyBalu products. Among them even Choupette, the cat of Karl Lagerfeld.

Hochwertiges Katzenzubehör
Hochwertiges Katzenzubehör

SNACK BAR - Leckerli Dose

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PLATEAU - Scratch and lounge cat tree

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LucyBalu x Choupette

Our days with Choupette, the cat of Karl Lagerfeld, in Paris. Have a look behind the scenes of a unique story.

It all began with a present for the most famous cat in the world. No one would have imagined that Choupette would fall in love with our cat hammock. Yet exactly that happened and an incredible story unfold.

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