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LucyBalu for Choupette

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The new way of building cat trees: design cat furniture and modern cat accessories

You love your cat and value a beautiful home? Good, because we have made that our mission. We develop high quality cat interior products & accessories. Our brand LucyBalu stands for cat-friendly design, sustainability and quality.

Known from

Startup aus dem Tierheim

Our founder Sebastian is a passionate product designer. In 2016, he develops a furnishing concept for the new cat house at the Munich animal shelter. He radically rethinks the topic "furnishing for a cat home" and finds innovative solutions for the needs of cats and animal caretakers. With his shapely pieces of furniture, he designs the new reception rooms to the delight of the cats, caretakers and visitors. Spurred on by much positive feedback, he founds the cat furniture label LucyBalu with his school friend Mathias.

LucyBalu x Choupette

How does a Munich-based startup get to collaborate with the world-famous cat Choupette?

Our unusual collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld's cat. Take a look behind the scenes and follow us on our way to Paris.

What we stand for

LucyBalu Werte
Tierfreundliches Design

Timelessly beautiful and high quality cat accessories

No more constant replacing and trashing! It's time for quality cat products that last. After all, we want the best for our beloved pets. More than 15 million pet cats live in Germany alone. In Europe, the numbers even exceed 100 million. Because of that tons of low-quality products for cats are imported from Asia every year.

We are taking a different approach to this by producing our sustainable cat furniture in small manufactures in Germany. Our goal is to design durable furniture for cats. It is not only supposed to look good though, which is why we have a vet on our team to ensure every cats' comfort and safety.

Originally, we were building cat the animal shelter in Munich. That's how we got the idea for our business. Today thousands of cats and animal lovers all over the world enjoy LucyBalus' products. Among them Choupette, Karl Lagerfelds world famous, adorable cat.

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