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A foreign object in synthetic fur that wears out as quickly as it was made? Cat furniture doesn't have the best reputation. Time to change that, we thought. With furniture that looks good and is tough: Timelessly beautiful design - and indestructible. And in the eyes of cats: suitable for relaxing, jumping, scratching and purring.

LucyBalu takes cats seriously - and people too. That's why we founded a brand for meaningful and timelessly beautiful cat furniture in 2019. Sebastian Frank is a product designer and creative head, Dr. Mathias Wahrenberger is an entrepreneur and analyst. An essential part of our work is our community of experts, vets and cats, who help develop our products and test them mercilessly.

Gründer von LucyBalu

In the beginning was the plush.

It all started with a pro bono project for the Munich animal shelter: The cat refuge was to be refurbished, and head designer Sebastian took this as an opportunity to think of cat furniture in a completely new way. Like most cat owners, he had previously only found cheaply produced furniture and pieces that - to put it nicely - brought an unintentional 60s flair of plush and synthetics into the interior.

Many ideas, drafts and expert discussions later, the first prototypes were ready. Today, Sebastian's cat furniture can be found in over 50 rooms: beds, stairs and hammocks for moving around and feeling good. There is no question that the cats there take their job as durability testers very seriously.

Gründer von LucyBalu

Sebastian Frank and Mathias Wahrenberger

Better cat furniture for everyone!

"The world needs this cat furniture," thought digital strategist Mathias Wahrenberger during a family visit to the animal shelter. Many visitors also wanted to buy the beautiful pieces immediately. The idea between two friends quickly turned into a solid business model for beautiful and cleverly designed cat furniture. In July 2019, we finally went to the notary: LucyBalu GmbH was founded.

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