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REMEMBER – Animal urn for cats and dogs

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Saying goodbye with dignity and style. The minimalist urn REMEMBER offers cat owners the possibility of keeping their beloved pet present even after its death. For this purpose, the urn was designed in two parts. After the burial of the wooden part, the porcelain part remains in your home. As a stylish vase, this design piece acts as a place of remembrance.

  • LucyBalu x Hanna Krüger. In cooperation with the renowned designer Hanna Krüger, we have designed an elegant urn for cats and other small pets. An important (taboo) topic turned into a multi-layered design project.  
  • Unobtrusive design. The glazed porcelain dome encases the wooden core. That way you can´t draw any conclusions about the purpose of the urn, at first glance. 
  • Grieving. The two-piece urn REMEMBER is deigned to accompany you through the most difficult days, weeks, months, ... until you are ready to let go. 
  • Saying goodbye. The biodegradable wooden core of the urn can be used to bury the ashes if you choose to do so after the initial phase of mourning. 
  • Remembering. The porcelain part of the urn, on the other hand, will remain with you after the burial and find its place in your home as a stylish vase. That way, you can keep your beloved pet close to you in fond memory.

The loss of a companion – An urn for cats

A topic that is far too close to us and at the same time seems far too far away - death. We would prefer to never have to deal with it. Why? Quite simply - because we love our cats. That's why it was so important for us to address this difficult and not at all glamorous topic - because it is an inevitable part of any cat owner's life to walk this path with their pet. We think, it is important to think about the topic in advance, so that you don't have to burden yourself with it once this difficult day has come. One possibility for dealing with the passing is cremation and subsequent conservation of the ashes in an urn.

LucyBalu x Hanna Krüger – The taboo topic of death

In cooperation with the well-known designer Hanna Krüger, we decided to tackle this difficult topic together. We wanted to design an urn that would make it possible to say goodbye in an appropriate way, to find comfort and to preserve the memories of your beloved companion in a graceful and dignified way. Hanna Krüger, who has worked for Rosenthal amongst others, inspired us with her work and her experimental, conceptual, but also reduced style. When we first talked to Hanna Krüger about our project to develop an urn for animals, we tried to look at the subject from an interior design perspective. There are many urns for animals on the market already. As Hanna Krüger perfectly said herself though,

"...we made it our goal to design a small piece of art that does the process of mourning and its meaningfulness justice while remaining quiet and preserving a stillness at the same time."

Together, we wanted to create an interior piece that would allow people to make the urn a focal point in their home while still being discreet and tasteful.The design focus should, however, not only be on the passing, but also be on the memory and the continuation of life. Thus, a meaningful symbiosis was created between the ephemeral, biodegradable wooden vessel for the ashes and the durable, timeless porcelain vase for preserving the beautiful memories far beyond death.

Grieving – Saying goodbye - Remembering

The urn REMEMBER allows pet owners to keep their beloved companion close to them even after their passing. Everyone processes loss differently. However, many people find it helpful to keep their loved one close to them for at least a while - even after death. After a cremation, the ashes that are kept in the urn can find their place in one’s home. The beautiful, glazed porcelain dome encases the wooden core that contains the ashes. That way you can´t draw any conclusions about the purpose of the urn, at first glance. Therefore, despite its clear presence in the home, this personal matter remains private and unobtrusive.
Once you are ready, the ashes, contained in the wooden core of the urn, can be buried. This way you can symbolically say your goodbye.Apart from grieving  and saying goodbye the urn REMEMBER should also help you keep your beloved pet close to you in fond memory, even after a burial.
That´s why the porcelain part of the urn can find its place in one's own home as a beautiful vase and thus create a physical place of remembrance.In addition to that, the high-quality black packaging can serve as a storage space for keepsakes. The dearest belongings - like the favourite toy, the favourite snuggle blanket and the collar – can find their place in it.


  • Height: 23cm
  • Width: 13cm
  • Depth: 13cm
  • Volume: 0,75l – equivalent to an animal weight of up to approx. 12kg


  • approx. 1,4 kg


    • Wood: spruce (naural) / oak (painted)
    • Dome: porcelain

    Product variants:

    • Natural lacquered urn with white / black porcelain dome
    • White lacquered urn with white porcelain dome
    • Black lacquered urn with black porcelain dome


    • The urn is shipped in a high-quality, black box

    Made in Germany

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    Sehr berührt

    Liebes Team von LucyBalo

    Ursula Hitzlsperger
    Sehr berührt

    Liebes Team von LUCYBALU, dass ihr euch diesem schwierigen Thema angenommen habt und daraus so etwas Wundervolles und Wunderschönes gemacht habt, hat mich in beider Hinsicht sehr berührt. Vielen, vielen lieben Dank dafür. Auch wenn unsere Mädels hoffentlich noch sehr, sehr lange bei uns sein werden, gibt es nun endlich etwas, was zwar den Schmerz über den Verlust nicht nehmen wird, aber die Erinnerung besonders und einzigartig machen wird und uns dieses Thema heute bereits auf eine anrührende Weise etwas zugänglicher macht, was wir sonst verdrängen. Ihr seid einfach toll.

    Vielen lieben Dank für das ausführliche Feedback!
    Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir dir jetzt schon eine Option geben können, die dir zusagt.
    Wir wünschen dir noch eine schöne und lange Zeit mit deinen Katzen!

    Sylvia Wirth
    Wundervolle Idee

    Ich habe vor knapp vier Jahren nach einer Urne für meinen geliebten Hund gesucht und wurde nur fündig bei den eigentlich viel zu großen menschlichen Urnen. Meine beiden Katzen haben hoffentlich noch viele schöne Jahre vor sich, aber wenn es soweit ist, dann werden es ganz sicher diese hier werden, dafür ist gesorgt. Danke für dieses tolle Produkt!!

    Wir bedanken uns für diese wunderschönen Worte!
    Es freut uns sehr, dass wir dir eine gute Alternative bieten können und wir hoffen natürlich, dass du noch sehr lange die Zeit mit deinen Katzen verbringen darfst!

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