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Feeding station

DINE Feeding Station for Cats
from 89,00 €
DELI elevated cat bowl
from 59,00 €
BUFFET Feeding station for cats
from 129,00 €
TREVI cat water fountain
129,00 €
DROP cat food bowl
19,90 €
ZENPAD lick mat for cats
14,90 €
BOWL porcelain cat food bowl
22,00 € 25,90 €
BOWL Cat Bowl
17,90 €
SNACK BAR Jar for treats
20,90 €
GARÇON s.v.p. Feeding station
from 159,00 €
Feeding station GARÇON s.v.p.
549,00 €
CIRCLE cat food place mat
23,90 €
SQUARE - silicone cat food place mat
from 28,90 €

Cats should drink a lot. However, most cats do not like it when the water is placed next to the food. That is why it is a good idea to have a separate water bowl. Our food station DINE and food & water bowl DELI offer all possibilities. And with the Snack Bar you always have a treat ready for your fur friends.