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Cat scratch board SCRATCHPAD

In stock: delivery time 1-3 days*

  • Scratching and marking: The cats' needs to mark their own territory, as well as to look after their claws, are the main reasons for them scratching furniture and other objects. If you offer your house cat a suitable place for it, such as the scratchpad, other places will be spared.

  • Elegance & Function: The elegant, thin-walled metal frame with powder coating covers a large, functional scratching area. Thus, 99% of the surface is beneficial to your cat.

  • Exchangeable scratchpad: We also focus on the scratchpad's sustainability! The high-quality metal frame remains on the wall, while the scratch pad, made of renewable raw materials, can be replaced very easily and without tools.

  • Easy assembly: The frame is mounted with four screws, which are later no longer visible. The scratching board is only fitted and lasts securely, thanks to hidden magnets.

  • Elegant appearance: The delicate, powder-coated metal frame with rounded corners provides the necessary lightness on your walls and blends into your living environment. Your cat gets what it needs, and you get what you like.

Cats will love their own scratchpad. It is extremely important for every cat to mark its territory and to look after for its claws. This basic instinct has also been passed on to our domestic cats and is the reason why cats have to scratch. You should offer your beloved cat an alternative scratching surface to avoid your sofa from being used as one. Our wall-mounted scratch pad is not only a perfect scratching element, but also a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the fact that you can easily mount the SCRATCHPAD on the wall, you can adjust it to your cat's size and age! Using several scratch pads in households with multiple cats and in large apartments can be practical because our cats often choose their own scratch pad. This will also boost your cat's well-being.

High-quality sisal surface in thin-walled frame. 
To be honest, we think our SCRATCHPAD is almost too beautiful to have it destroyed right away. But cat claws are impressive tools that do not spare much. That is why we have decided the following: the frame is yours, the SCRATCHPAD is theirs. The scratching surface consists of a high-quality natural product, which is extracted from sisal agave. It is extremely robust and will remain in good condition for your cat for a long time - but cats win against almost every material. As soon as this happens, you can easily replace the scratching surface - the frame remains untouched. 

LucyBalu customer service
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Mail: office@lucybalu.com

Detailed product information


• Width: 30cm 
• Height: 60 cm
• Depth: 2.5 cm


• 2.5 kg


• Powder-coated sheet metal

Color options frame:

• Anthracite (RAL 7016)
• White (RAL 9016)  

Color options scratch surface: You can choose between sisal in sand or in anthracite (Note: Sisal is a high-quality natural product. Slight differences in color are normal).

: Easy mounting on the wall with four screws. Standard plugs and mounting screws are included in the delivery. You need a normal cross-head screwdriver and a 6-point drill for mounting. The selection of the correct dowel depends on the nature of your wall. 

Assembly and care instructions as PDF

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Rico W.
Mega Stylisch aber Preisintensiv.

Wir sind mega begeistert von dem Style der Produkte, endlich mal bisschen was modernes und nicht die Standart „Kratzstange-/Fläche“. Die Montage war simpel nur für größere Gegenstände braucht ihr eine 2te Person.

Ansonsten finden wir das einige Produkte einwenig zu teuer sind. Dem sollte man sich bewusst sein. Ansonsten Top 👍

Die Style-Sticker könnten etwas undurchsichtiger sein, dennoch ein sehr nices giveaway.

Vielen Dank für die ehrliche Bewertung!
Das hilft uns sehr uns stetig weiterzuentwickeln! :-)

Jasmin Stadelmann
Der schönste Katzenbaum

Meine Katzen waren zuerst skeptisch aber jetzt lieben sie den. Er passt perfekt in die Wohung. Auch der Kundendienst ist sehr schnell. Die XL Treppen sind trotzdem etwas zu klein für meine Mainecoons

Vielen Dank für die tolle Bewertung!
Das freut uns wirklich sehr zu hören und deine zwei Katzen schauen auch sehr zufrieden aus :-)

Beautifully designed

Sturdy and of great quality. I love that the scratchpadpad is removable and replaceable. Unfortunately, my cat is not interested in it at all! She will only use it if I literally place her paws on the scratcher and bribe her with treats. 😹 However that is not the fault of the company. She seems to prefer cardboard scratchers. Perhaps one day she will take interest in it. At least it looks great on my wall as a decorative piece of art. 🖼

Thanks for your honest feedback!
Cats can be really picky sometimes, but it is nice that you haven't given up yet!
I am sure she will use it after a time :-)

Tamara Kreder
Top Produkte

Sehr gute Qualität, tolles Design, guter Service - jederzeit wieder

Clara Schepp
Schönes Kratzbrett

Sieht gut aus und wird von der Katze gut angenommen! Wir haben noch ein Spielzeug dazwischen geklemmt!

Wie schön zu hören, dass es eurer Katze so gut gefällt. Das Spielzeug ist wirklich eine tolle Idee!

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