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SUPER BALLS - Wool Felt Cat Toy

In stock: delivery time 1-3 days*

The SUPER BALLS are a homage to the most popular ball sports in the world. Each ball is a hand-crafted work of art and almost too good to play with - almost. Because that's exactly what they were made for. To turn play time into a very special (sporty) event.

We offer 2 different Super Ball sets:
The Super Balls EU (Tennis ball, soccer ball and volleyball)
The Super Balls US (Basketball, football and baseball)

  • Fun. The balls roll through the room unpredictably because of the imperfect shape.
  • All natural. Made of 100% sheep's wool with a little bell inside.
  • Unicum. The felt balls are handmade with love.
  • Social. Produced as part of asocial project with high participation of women.
  • Collection. A homage to the world's most popular ball sports.


The SUPER BALLS are a part of our TOYS FOR CATS product range and are handmade with love in Nepal. We really value fair working conditions and relations with our production partners. We are proud that our partner is supporting women,especially from socially weak backgrounds. With the purchase of these cat toys you make a small contribution for a better future for women and children in Nepal.



  • The balls are delivered in a black cotton cinch bag


  • Diameter: approx. 4,5 cm 


  • approx.15 g per ball

Colors (All-naturalproduct, which means variation in colors and small inclusions can occur):

Set Super Balls US:

  • Football: brown with yellow seams
  • Basketball: orange with black seams
  • Baseball: white with red seams

Set Super Balls EU:

  • Soccer ball: white with black seams
  • Tennis ball: yellow with white seams
  • Volleyball: Lilac with black seams

NOT FOR CHILDREN! Toy for cats. Don´t let your cat play unsupervised. Cats can damage the toys with their sharp claws and teeth and loosen strings.


Handmade with Love in Nepal 

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