Cat scratch board SCRATCHPAD

Cat scratch board SCRATCHPAD

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Highlights at a glance:

  • Scratching and marking: The cat's need to mark its own territory is the main reason for scratching furniture and objects, besides caring for its claws. If you offer your house cat a suitable place like the scratchpad for it, other places will be spared.

  • Elegance & Function: The elegant, thin-walled metal frame with powder coating covers a large, functional scratching area. 99% of the surface is thus beneficial to your cat.

  • Exchangeable scratchpad: We also focus on sustainability for the scratchpad! The high-quality metal frame remains on the wall. The scratch pad, made of renewable raw materials, can be replaced very easily and without tools.

  • Easy assembly: The frame is mounted with four screws, which are later no longer visible. The scratching board is only fitted and holds securely thanks to hidden magnets.

  • Elegant appearance: The filigree powder-coated metal frame with rounded corners provides the necessary lightness on your walls and blends into your living environment. Your cat gets what it needs, and you get what you like.

Cats will love their own scratchpad. It is very important for every cat to mark its territory and to care for its claws. This basic instinct has also been passed on to our domestic cats. Therefore cats have to scratch. And so that your own sofa does not suffer from it, you should offer your beloved cat an alternative. Our wall-mounted scratch pad is not only a super scratching element, but also a real eye-catcher. The fact that you can adjust the height of the Scratchpad to your cat's size and age by mounting it on the wall! In multi-cat households and in large apartments the use of several scratch pads can be useful - often our cats choose their own scratch pad. This will also increase the well-being of your cat.

High-quality sisal surface in thin-walled frame. 
Honestly? We think our scratchpad is almost too beautiful to have it destroyed right away. But cat claws are impressive tools that do not spare much. That's why we have decided: the frame is yours, the scratchpad is yours. The scratching surface consists of a high-quality natural product, which is extracted from sisalagave. It is extremely robust and will stand up to your cat for a long time - but cats win against almost any material. As soon as this happens, you can easily replace the scratching surface - the frame remains untouched.

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Detailed product information

- Breadth: 30 cm
- Height: 60 cm
- Depth: 2.5 cm

Weight: 2.5 kg

Frame: Powder-coated sheet steel

Colour variants for frame: Anthracite (RAL 7016) or white (RAL 9016)

Color variants for scratch surface: You can choose between sisal in sand or in anthracite (Note: Sisal is a high-quality natural product. Slight differences in colour are normal).

: Easy mounting on the wall with four screws. Standard plugs and mounting screws are included in the delivery. You need a normal cross-head screwdriver and a 6-point drill for mounting. The selection of the correct dowel depends on the nature of your wall.

Assembly and care instructions as PDF

Made in Germany

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