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GALLERY Cat Scratching Tower

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Just a scratching post or the start of a cat adventure wall? We leave that up to you! GALLERY is simple, stable and functional. The high-quality sisal scratching post supports the cosy platform on the wall, without a base plate!

  • A space-saver. GALLERY is perhaps the simplest cat tree on the market. The scratching tower takes up almost no space and still caters for the most important functions for your cat: scratching and lounging.

  • Half wall, half floor. The scratching post stands firmly on the floor. The lounging surface is attached to the wall with two screws.

  • Naturally stable. The powder-coated metal plate provides the necessary stability. It is supported by the solid wood scratching post, which is wrapped in natural sisal. Et voilà: A scratching tower without a heavy base plate.

  • High or higher. You can decide whether GALLERY fits better into your home with a 70 cm or a long 100 cm scratching post.

  • Quality product. Solid wood wrapped with natural sisal and metal with wool felt pads make the wall scratching tower robust and beautiful. The trunk can be easily replaced when it is worn out.

That´s why we love it:

Because GALLERY is so beautifully simple. Whether you're limited on space, or you want to start your climbing wall with a floor-standing element - you can't go wrong with GALLERY!


Kratzbaum für die Wand in schlicht

Mit dem GALLERY Kratzturm zauberst du einen besonders schlanken Kratzbaum an deine Wand. Du bekommst einen platzsparenden Wandkratzbaum, der die wichtigsten Funktionen für deinen Stubentiger bereithält: ein robuster Sisal Kratzstamm zum Kratzen und eine gemütliche, erhöhte Liegefläche mit wollig weicher Filzauflage. Deine Wand sorgt automatisch für Wohlfühlflair, da deine Katze beim Dösen von hinten keine Gefahren fürchten muss.


  • Breite: 50 cm
  • Höhe: 70 cm bzw. 100 cm
  • Tiefe: 39 cm


  • Metallboard ca. 3,5 kg
  • Sisalsäule 70 cm ca. 2,5 kg
  • Sisalsäule 100 cm ca. 3,4 kg


  • Frame: sturdy sheet steel, powder-coated
  • Auflage: Felt Pads aus echtem Wollfilz mit durchgängiger Klebefolie zur Anbringung (Wolle ist ein Naturprodukt; leichte Farbunterschiede und kleine Einschlüsse sind normal)
  • Kratzstamm: 100% Natursisal auf Vollholz-Buchenstamm; Rückbeschichtung aus Naturlatex (Sisal ist ein Naturprodukt; leichte Farbunterschiede sind normal)
  • Wolle und Wollfilz sind bei uns immer mulesing-free.
  • Alle Farben sind toxin-free.


  • Anthracite: Metal element in anthracite (RAL 7016). Felt Pad in anthracite melange, scratching post in anthracite
  • White: Metal element in white (RAL 9016). Felt Pad in sand melange, scratching post in nature
  • kontaktiere service@lucybalu.com für Sonderwünsche


  • easy mounting with two screws
  • Use a spirit level for assembly
  • Standard screws and dowels are included in the scope of delivery
  • Important: depending on the properties of your walls, the included screws and dowels may not be suitable.


  • The powder coating protects the surface from stains and dirt and is particularly environmentally friendly as it is solvent-free.
  • Our products are designed to last a cat's lifetime. Cats are creatures of habit and don't like it when "their" furniture is changed or altered often.

Assembly and care instructions

Made in Germany

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Finally someone is making cat equipment the way you like it? You want to support a young start-up? Then you've come to the right place. LucyBalu was founded in 2019 by Sebastian and Mathias in Munich. Our team of cat and design fans works hard for you every day.

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