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Cat wall climb WAVE

In stock: delivery time 1-3 days*

  • Accessibility. Facilitates the ascent also for older and cautious cats

  • Being together. Bunk bed on the wall for two or more cats

  • Ramp. Ramp and landing station for sporty house cats. The WAVE mobilises!

  • Quality Made in Germany. The powder-coated WAVE is made of high-quality sheet metal in Germany and, like all our products, is subject to the highest quality standard.

  • Individually combinable. Put together an individual living world for your cat for the third level. For example, you can combine the WAVE with the STEPS and the STRAIGHT staircase steps.

High functionality and proven popularity with cats.
Our WAVE board is used by cats as a climbing and ascent aid as well as a viewing platform and lying board. Originally the WAVE was designed for the cat house in the Munich animal shelter and has been used there continuously for more than three years. The WAVE is extremely also popular with both cats and animal keepers because of its easy cleaning. Thanks to its stability, the WAVE can also be used by two heavy cats. What is most important here is the condition of the wall and the choice of suitable wall plugs. 

Climbing and lying board for wall mounting in style.
The WAVE can be positioned freely and can be used very flexibly, ensuring that the WAVE fits ideally into every room. The asymmetric shape creates an exciting accent on the wall. It is not only suitable for sporty cats to use as a ski jump but also for older cats to use as a comfortable climbing aid. Therefore, it can really be used for your cat's whole life. The material will stand up to this in any case.

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Detailed product information


• Width: 92 cm
• Height: 24 cm
• Depth: 29 cm


• Approx. 5.0 kg

Color options:

• Anthracite
• White

Supplied with mounting material 

Assembly and care instructions as PDF

Made in Germany

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Stephanie Vuilleumier

    WAVE Katzen-Kletterhilfe


    Very beautiful

    zufrieden damit!

    sehr stabil, schön und einfach zu montieren.

    Vielen Dank für die Bewertung! :-)

    Dominic Lacheta
    Super verarbeitet, toller Look.

    Klar der Preis ist höher, aber ich würde die Wave Kletterhilfe wieder kaufen. Aufgrund der sehr guten Verarbeitung haben wir gleich anschließend noch den Kratzstamm Catwalk bestellt und montiert. Nun warten wir auf das Eintreffen unserer Kätzchen. Nehmen sie beides gut an, werden wir auf jeden Fall noch zusätzliche Kletterstufen ordern.

    Wie schön, dann hat das Kätzchen ja direkt ein kleines Kletterparadies!
    Wir hoffen natürlich, dass euer Kätzchen genauso begeistert sein wird, wie ihr es seid!
    Danke für die tolle Bewertung. :-)

    Alper Davulcuoglu
    👌 Top

    perfect quality nothing to say. My 7.5kg cat uses it very well.

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