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JUMPER - scratching and climbing step

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  • More Action.The JUMPER is designed to resemble a branch in its' shape and material. That's why it can motivate cats to jump, play and climb as if they're in their natural habitat.

  • More height. In combination with our other wall-mounted products you can create a unique adventure wall for your feline friend. The higher and more versatile the more fun it's going to be!

  • More individuality:The JUMPER scratching pole is perfect for young kittens with too much energy, but it can also motivate older cats to move more again. The quick installation makes it easy to reposition the JUMPER whenever needed or wanted.

  • More grooming.Claw care is important! Besides the standard scratching pole, the JUMPER is also an excellent solution to keep your cats' claws maintained. Especially the claws on their hind paws are being filed and shortened when the cat is pushing itself off the pole to jump to its' next destination. This also helps to spare your furniture.

  • Sustainable production. LucyBalu works sustainably, wherever possible. For our JUMPER we use the end pieces of logs that would otherwise be destroyed. The solid wood core ensures the longevity of the product.

The wall-mounted climbing pole for cats: A classic reinterpreted

Cats are born to climb and reach great heights. They will love having the possibility to do that in the safety of their home. If you're looking for a way to encourage your feline friend to be more active or your cats have so much energy they don't even know what to do with all of it, this is the perfect solution. LucyBalus' JUMPER is the ideal addition to the cat furniture market. Its not only made to be used as a step between other cat furniture. With its' shape and materials it's supposed to motivate your cats to move more.

Scratching pole for cats: mimicking nature

Cats that are allowed to roam around outside can often be spotted hanging from tree branches. The jump up and down and release their energy in this playful motion. We want to give that experience to indoor cats as well and therefore enrich their lives greatly. That's why LucyBalu created the JUMPER. The round core made from solid wood is sourced sustainably. It's wrapped in sisal creating not only a safe, slip-free surface but also doubling as claw care.

JUMPER climbing step: The floating adventure wall

The wall mounted sisal post can be used to create a dynamic adventure wall by combining it with our other wall mounted products, that will tire out even the most active kitten. Additionally, that way you can utilize the vertical wall space in your home perfectly, allowing your cats to have an overview over the whole room. The minimal and chic appearance with the natural, high-quality materials will make the products a stylish addition to your interior design. That way your interior doesn't have to be ruined by cat furniture anymore. The JUMPER can be easily installed with only three screws. It's sturdy design will withstand even the wildest zoomies and bigger cats, like Maine Coons, too.


  • Width: 9,2 cm
  • Hight: 9,2 cm
  • Length: 18,7 cm


  • 0,9 kg

Mounting and front piece: Powder coated sheet metal

Color options:

  • Metal anthracite (RAL 7016) with Sisal anthracite
  • Metal white (RAL 9016) with Sisal natural

Note: Sisal is a high-quality all-natural product. Variations in colour are normal.

: Easy installation on the wall with just three screws. The scope of delivery includes standard dowels and screws. You will need a Phillips screwdriver, a size 8 drill as well as a hex wrench SW5. Depending on the type of walls you have in your home you might need special dowels.

Installation and care instructions

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