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FIGARO - Cat brush

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  • Healthy and shiny fur with regular care: the brushing increases blood flow and therefore stimulates hair growth

  • Bonding time: cats will perceive the brushing as a form of special attention and care

  • Reduced shedding: by combing out the undercoat and old hair, your cats will lose less hair after they are brushed. That means that you will also have less cat hair flying around in your home

  • Less hairballs: by supporting your cat in removing old, loose fur they will swallow less heir - that minimizes the formation of unpleasant hairballs

  • Quality product: Our usage of high-quality materials from Germany and the production in the Black Forest in Germany create highest quality products

The cat friendly brush FIGARO was designed to encourage more loving attention

No pet is as cleanly as cats are. That makes it even more important to help your cats – especially those with longer fur – with their fur care. Our cat brush FIGARO makes that fur care enjoyable for cats and their humans. With three different variants available, there is a perfect match for every cat. All of them are produced in the Black Forest in Germany following the highest quality standards. Cats see brushing – after getting used to it – as a wellness treatment. The new cat-wellness-range gives every cat owner the possibility to treat their furry friends to even more pets and loving attention. With the practical but stylish packaging the brush can also easily be taken on holidays, if needed.

A match for every cat

FIGARO is available in three different variations. The design is – just like our other products – very minimal and chic. The handle is made from ergonomically curved wood in all three variations - ensuring a comfortable grip. With the different types of bristles there is a match for every fur type: there is a choice of metal bristles, wild boar bristles or vegan bristles made from agave-fibres. As we value sustainability all our brushes are made by a small business in the Black Forest in Germany.

Fur care - more than just brushing

Cats show affection by cleaning each other. That is why brushing your cats with the cat brush FIGARO is not only helpful to remove loose undercoat and fur, but it also helps strengthening the bond between human and cat as it is a display of affection. Additionally, you´ll have less pesky cat hair on your clothing, furniture and floor if you brush your cats regularly. This makes brushing your cats a win-win situation for all parties involved.


  • Length: 19 cm
    Width: 5 cm
    Height: 4 cm


  • ca. 0,4 kg

Product variations:

  • Natural: Natural bristles (wild boar) and wooden handle (beech) oiled
  • Metal: Metal bristles and wooden handle (beech) with white glaze
  • Vegan: Agave-fibre bristles and wooden handle (beech) with black glaze

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wirklich begeistert

Wir testen jetzt seit fast zwei Wochen die FIGARO Katzenbürsten und sind wirklich rund um zufrieden. Das Fell von meiner Katze sieht nicht nur toll aus nach dem bürsten, es fühlt sich auch total geschmeidig an.

Lena Römer

Sehr tolle Produkte 😊

Paula Weber Skiba
Tolle Bürste!

Tolle Bürste aus super hochwertigem Material! Leila liebt es damit gebürstet zu werden.

Marlen Jennert

FIGARO - Katzenbürste

Erfüllt Zweck leider nicht

Bürste besteht aus gutem Material, kämmt aber leider nur oberflächlich das Fell. Sie holt kein Unterfell raus, was ich aber erwartet hatte. Liegt also leider unbenutzt in der Kiste

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