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sieger design for LucyBalu - The exclusive food bar for cats

Porzellan Napfserie für Katzen von LucyBalu

The cooperation with the renowned and internationally reputed design studio sieger design is a very special one. After decades of creating tableware and sanitaryware for global brands such as Duravit, Alape, Dornbracht and Fürstenberg, the Sieger brothers have now joined forces with LucyBalu. In an exciting collaboration with a whole lot of fun, an extraordinary design piece has been created: GARÇON s.v.p., the exceptional feeding station for discerning cats and their owners.

To the GARÇON, s'il vous plait

The story of the Sieger brothers

sieger design was founded in 1964 by Christian and Michael Siegers' father Dieter Sieger. Since 2003, the two brothers have been running the company of their father, the architect, shipbuilder and designer. Since then, the pair of brothers has been one of the big names on the scene. With more than 40 years of experience and innovation in the fields of design and furnishing, the brothers and their team of 35 create holistic brand, architecture and product concepts for international companies.

Christian und Michael Sieger für LucyBalu

Christian and Michael Sieger

Over the years, the brothers have left a lasting mark on more than just the tableware and sanitaryware sector with their work. Besides glasses for Ritzenhoff, cutlery for WMF, a sunshade collection for Hunter Douglas, table service series for Arzbergor a range of writing utensils for Lamy, a clever garden shower for conmoto, the luxurious hygiene stations for hygn.me or luminaire ranges for Triluxtheir best-known creations also include the "Happy D" washstand (for Duravit), the washbasin "Metaphor" (for Alape), The tableware series "MY CHINA! (for SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG) or the fixtures for Dornbracht. The handmade porcelain and the mouth-blown crystal glasses of the own brand SIEGER are found worldwide in upscale flats, 5-star hotels, restaurants or on luxury yachts.

For their exceptional, timeless and modern work, the brothers have received over 200 design prizes and awards, such as the IF Product Design Award in 2002, for „2nd Floor“ from Duravit, the "Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland " in 2004 or the Red Dot Award(for „Happy D“ for Duravit) in 2005.

After numerous collaborations and awards, the Sieger brothers have now decided - much to our delight - to work with us as well. Thanks to Luna, Michael Siegers´s cat, the designer has a very personal approach to our cooperation. He speaks lovingly about his Luna:

"As everyone knows, cats are very special animals: with a strong character and a mind of their own, but also very fond of cuddles. We have always had cats and my wife brought a dark brown male Carthusian called Schoko into our family. Today Luna enriches our home and we love having her around. She is certainly the most photographed subject in our home."

Edler Futternapf LucyBalu
Michael Sieger Katze
sieger design x LucyBalu

We had a lot of fun working together to develop the luxurious GARÇON s.v.p. dinner service. Why LucyBalu and sieger design are a perfect match for a cooperation is wonderfully described by Michael himself:

"When LucyBalu asked us if we would be interested in designing food and water bowls for cats, we immediately loved the idea. Cats already lived with us in our childhood, and even today we have one that has grown very close to our hearts. In our agency, we have been dealing with interior design and table culture day in, day out for many years - and now we do the same with dishes for cats. People who place a lot of value on their interior and the ambience of their home also want to surround themselves with beautiful things for their animals. That's why we think it's great that there's a supplier who caters to these wishes with high-quality and modern furniture.

The GARÇON s.v.p food bar - a table service for cat (owners) with high standards

GARÇON s.v.p.? What does that actually mean?In keeping with the restaurant feeling of the dinner service, we have chosen the name "GARÇON s.v.p. (s'il vous plait)". In French, this means something like "Waiter, please!" Our demanding cats finally get the service they deserve (and let's face it: they've always gotten from us) - pure luxury! After all, if they could speak, the more demanding among the felines would probably call us to the table with exactly these words. So why not do it in style?If we already prepare our beloved four-legged friends' food fresh several times a day, why not add a little luxury to the process? Feeding time becomes the highlight of your day with GARÇON s.v.p.!

What makes the feeding station so special?

Highest quality made in local craftsmanship.The GARÇON s.v.p. dinner service combines the quality of handcrafted tableware with high functionality. Diameters and dimensions are coordinated so that all the pieces can be combined in a variety of ways. The individual beautifully shaped products are traditionally handcrafted in a Franconian porcelain manufactory.

Easy cleaning for hygienic feedings. 
To ensure that dining is not only luxurious but also hygienic and praticable, we have combined dishwasher-safe porcelain bowls with easy-care, sturdy metal and a high-quality mineral cast plate. At the same time, all materials are also scratch-resistant.

Stable stance for quiet and undisturbed dining.
The luxurious porcelain bowls have a particularly firm and stable stand thanks to their weight and the indentations on the base plate. This prevents annoying rattling and slipping of the bowls.

No more bending over.
The back is spared - the bowls can be picked up comfortably while standing and the food can finally be served on the tray without having to bend down. This makes the serving process comfortable for humans as well.

Combinable bowls and sets. 
The bowls with extra large capacity are available with handle, with lid and as slow-feeders. There are two sets to choose from:
Le Café:Tray with handle, 2x porcelain bowl
Le Bistro:Tray with handle, 1x porcelain bowl, 1x porcelain bowl with handle, 1x cloche

An overview of the porcelain bowls:
The porcelain bowl with Glocheprovides the perfect restaurant feeling. This keeps the food fresh for longer (no odours - even in the fridge, no drying out and no more flies), so that even fussy and picky cats are satisfied.
The bowl variant with handle optimises serving and ensures even easier and safer handling.
The Slow-Feeder-bowl is the perfect addition for particularly impatient cats. It slows down eating thanks to its ridged structure and thus ensures healthier eating without gulping. Diameter and dimensions are designed so that all parts can be combined in a variety of ways. No matter which version you choose;

Le Café Set Futterbar

Le Café

LucyBalu x sieger Design
Le Bistro Garcon Futterbar Set

Le Bistro

To the GARÇON, s'il vous plait

The excitement continues!

But our collaboration does not end here: we are already working with sieger design and the entire team on another product:
A cat toilet. We have often heard your wish for this particular product and now it is finally happening! We are pursuing a completely new concept. As always, our core values are at the centre: Design, functionality and cat-friendliness. Look forward to a litter box you won't want to hide away! We are focusing on unconventional materials and a stylish design.

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