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CIRCLE silicone cat food place mat | round

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If the food´s yummy it might get a little messy. No worries - with the cat food place mat, your floor will be spared.

  • Cleanliness guaranteed. Cats are cleanly animals that like their dining space to be spotless - keeping their feeding station clean is a must. Thanks to the SQUARE and the CIRCLE that´s now easily possible.

  • Hygiene the easy way. The food-safe FDA-certified silicone used for our mats is not only odourless, it´s also really easy to clean. You can either wipe it with a wet cloth or just put it in the dishwasher - keeping everything hygienic is made super easy with it.

  • Design and function. Thanks to the clean-cut design and the subtle colors these mats are the perfect addition to our feeding stations, creating the perfect eye-catcher.

  • Protects floors and nerves. These place mats prevent feeding stations from sliding around and also catch any spilled food or water, protecting the floors in a stylish way.

  • Less dirt in your home. The slightly elevated rim of the mat prevents food chunks and water from being spread throughout your home, keeping everything clean.

That´s why we love it: 

These place mats are a feast for the eyes. On top of that they will ensure your cats food bowl will stand firmly and prevent messy floors.

The non-slip cat food mats CIRCLE and SQUARE make every feeding station more hygienic.

Cats are some of the most cleanly pets - that might be true as long as their not eating! Especially younger cats often gobble up their food and the same often goes for cats living in one household with other cats. Fights over the last crumb of food are not a rarity. It´s not surprising that their feeding stations often look like battlefields after they´re done dining. Some cats also love to spill their water on the regular which can permanently damage certain types of flooring. With the silicone cat feeding mat SQUARE or CIRCLE you can avoid all that in the future.

Different variations to suit every style. Während das Platz-Set CIRCLE perfekt auf unsere Futterstation DELI abgestimmt ist, kann SQUARE die größere DINE perfekt auf ihrem Platz halten. Natürlich können aber auch alle anderen handelsüblichen Schüsselchen und Futterstationen darauf platziert werden. Sowohl CIRCLE als auch SQUARE werden in drei verschiedenen Farben angeboten; je nach deiner Einrichtung und persönlichem Geschmack kannst du aus rosé, taupe oder anthrazit wählen.

And at the same time, the floor is protected - because scratches caused by the bowls being pushed around or damage caused by water being spilled are practically ruled out. The silicone used is FDA-certified and particularly low-odour.


  • Diameter: 29 cm
  • Height: 4 mm
  • Passend für unseren DELI Futternapf und unsere Keramik BOWLS


  • ca. 220 Gramm


  • Flieder
  • Taupe
  • Anthrazit


  • food grade silicone
  • dishwasher proof

Designed in München, hergestellt in China

Always clean

Easy to clean, highest hygienic standards and thanks to a timeless design beautiful to look at for a long time.
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Support a young start-up

Finally someone is making cat equipment the way you like it? You want to support a young start-up? Then you've come to the right place. LucyBalu was founded in 2019 by Sebastian and Mathias in Munich. Our team of cat and design fans works hard for you every day.

Replacement guaranteed

If a bowl breaks, you can always get a replacement from us. Simply complete your feeding station with a suitable food place mat and plenty of water stations.

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A smile every day

There is hardly an object in your kitchen that you have in your hands more often than your cat's bowls. Enjoy a design piece from LucyBalu every day.

Customer Reviews

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Super Produkt

Hochwertige Optik, ist leicht zu reinigen , kann ich nur empfehlen zu kaufen 👍😃

Vielen Dank für diese liebe Rückmeldung!

Schön und funktional

Sehr schönes Design, gute Grösse, rutschfest. Schützt den Boden vor Wasserspritzer und Nahrungsresten. Passt perfekt in unsere Wohnung. Leider sammelt sich auch gerne Staub drauf, aber sehr unkompliziert zu reinigen.

Vielen Dank für deine Bewertung! Zum Glück kann man die Napfunterlagen ohne Probleme in die Spülmaschine tun, um sie neben Staub auch von den Essensresten zu befreien!

Ebru Dincer

CIRCLE - runde Silikon Napfunterlage


Die Napfunterlage hat eine angenehme Haptik und Optik. Leider sammelt sich jeglicher Staub darauf, was jedoch evtl. unserer Fußbodenheizung geschuldet ist?

Ute Netuschil
Tolle Napfunterlage

Die Napfunterlage ist sehr wertig. Passt sehr gut zu dem Deli Futternapf. Kaufempfehlung.

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