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PLATEAU - Scratch and lounge cat tree

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  • Scratching and marking territory: Your cats' need to mark its' territory is – besides claw care - the main reason they are scratching your furniture and other objects. Save your furniture by giving your cat the perfect outlet for that need with our PLATEAU. 
  • Lounging and observing: Cats love observing their surroundings from a safe space. That's why we placed a big lounging platform fitted with a comfortable wool felt mat on top of the scratching pole. A thin metal frame that partly surrounds the platform creates the perfect snuggly environment that cats adore.
  • Elegant and sleek: The elegant and chic appearance in anthracite makes this piece of furniture blend in perfectly with your home decor despite its´ size. With the extremely thin pedestal we also designed a unique cat tree that does not create a tripping hazard.
  • Durable and highly functional: The stable pole is made from solid wood and wrapped in highest-quality, durable sisal textile. Our unique processing technique ensures that even with very high mechanical straining the pole is nearly indestructible and therefore very long-lasting. 
  • Sustainability and trust: Thanks to the straightforward assembly process the sisal-pole can easily be swapped out at home, if needed. That way you won´t have to swap out the entire piece of furniture. Your cats will love the exciting newness and smell of a different pole but will not loose their trust in the cat tree as the lounging platform keeps its´ familiarity. 

Cats will love and conquer the PLATEAU. Marking their territory and simultaneously maintaining der claws is important for cats. This primary instinct has been passed on to our domestic cats too. That makes scratching a vital part of your cats´ daily routine. To protect your furniture, you should present your feline friend with plenty of scratching alternatives. Our new scratch and lounge cat tree PLATEAU provides not only an ideal scratching possibility but is also a perfect place to rest and sleep. The PLATEAU unites several different factors to maximise your cats´ comfort and safety: The lounging platform ensures a cosy experience with the 5 mm thick wool felt mat and the “Highback” that only adds to the snuggly environment – perfect for all cats especially those that are timid and reserved. The stability of the pole with the thin but heavy metal-pedestal will withstand even the wildest of attacks. Every cat owner who had a fierce kitten before will know how important that is.

High-quality sisal pole with near infinite durability.A cats' claws are impressive tools they don't hold back with. That's why we decided to set new standards with the textile covering of our sisal poles. This new technique makes it near impossible for your cat to find a starting point for destroying the sisal pole. Even the most durable things might need to be replaced at some point in time. That's why we made sure the assembly is as easy as possible. That way the lounging platform and the pedestal can be reused with a new pole, making this method as sustainable as possible.

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Detailed product information

Measurement in total:

• Width: 50cm
• Height: 82 cm
• Depth: 49 cm

Measurements pedestal:

• Width: 49 cm 
• Height: 0,4 cm
• Depth: 49 cm

Measurements platform: 

• Width: 50cm 
• Height: 11 cm
• Depth: 37 cm


• ca. 15 kg

Pedestal and Highback:

• Powder-coated sheet metal in anthracite (RAL 7016)


• MFD imbued in anthracite
• Laminated with 5 mm thick wool felt in anthracite mélange

Pole: (Note: Sisal is a high-quality all-natural product. Variations in colour are normal.)

• Sisal wood wrapped in sisal textile (rug quality) in taupe 

Textile: 100% Sisal / Textile backing: Natural latex 

Installation: Assembly is necessary – we deliver PLATEAU only partially assembled. You will need a Phillips Screwdriver and a hex wrench SW4 and SW5.

: Due to the size and weight of this product the delivery can take up to 7 days.

Assembly and care instructions as PDF

Made in Germany

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    Sehr schöner Kratzbaum

    Nach einigem Zögern von der Miez angenommen und nun täglich in Verwendung! 😉 Auch das Wohnzimmer sieht damit sehr schick aus 😊

    Stylischer Kratzbaum

    Ein sehr schönes Design, stabil, leicht aufzubauen…und unsere sibirische Katzendame liebt die Liegefläche, die sie auch sofort nach dem Aufbau „erobert“ hat! Der Kratzbaum ist sehr standfest, allerdings hat es ein wenig gedauert, bis die (sehr feste) Sisamumwicklung angenommen wurde.

    Silke Willig

    Sehr schön und gut!

    Silke Willig

    gut und schön
    wir empfehlen das Produkt

    Kerstin Maier
    Toller Kratzbaum

    Unsere beiden Stubentiger lieben ihn. Hoher Anschaffungspreis, doch es lohnt sich wirklich!! Er ist sehr stabil und sie können alles überblicken haben ihn gleich angenommen.

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