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NEMO cat collar designed for the AirTag

In stock: delivery time 1-3 days*

NEMO Cat collar for the AirTag*

  • Lightweight and sleek: Minimalist design with super soft silicone for guaranteed wearing comfort for your cat.

  • Safety first: Quick release clasp that opens at force pulling with 2,5 kg to reduce risk of strangulation
  • Adjustable in size: Fits neck circumference between 20 cm and 31 cm. Recommended for cats that weigh more than 3 kg.
  • Premium quality: Hypoallergenic, waterproof and robust. The collar is made from 100% silicone and the AirTag encasing from food-grade TPE.

  • Fits the AirTag perfectly: The collar was specifically designed to fit the AirTag perfectly. Note: The AirTag is NOT part of the purchase and has to be bought separately (eg. at Apple or Cyberport).

Find your lost cat with the AirTag!

Every outdoor-cat owner knows this feeling all too well – the cat won´t come home and you´re waiting impatiently. Where are they? Why won´t they come home? Are they okay? Unfortunately, these are all things cat owners have to worry about because our cats are facing potential threats daily: cars, open basement doors, other animals, etc. could harm our pets. In the future, the AirTag, in combination with NEMO, will help you find your lost pet quickly. After all, the biggest search party to help find your lost pet is the network of millions of iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices that will automatically help you with the search. With the app from Apple "Find my" you can see the last position of a person with an Apple device that walked past your lost pet.

Nemo is the world´s first, safe cat collar for the AirTag 

*AirTag is a trademark owned by Apple Inc. Mention is made here for reference purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship or endorsement from the brand owner.

What are the benefits of using the AirTag as a cat tracker?

💪 Großes Netzwerk für die Suche. Im urbanen Wohnraum oder belebten Gegenden kann der AirTag seine Stärken voll ausspielen. Hier bewegen sich täglich viele Menschen mit mobilen Endgeräten wie iPhone oder iPad.

💲 No subscription. The AirTag is a cost-effective cat tracker with no hidden additional costs. It has exactly one function: to make finding things easier. If you don´t need gimmicks like heat maps, motion profiles or virtual fences, AirTag will provide you with the functional support you´re looking for.

🔋 Long battery life. You don´t need to worry about the battery life as it lasts for up to a year.

💦 Robust and lightweight. The AirTag is splash-proof and well protected in NEMOs encasing. Unlike GPS trackers it´s also super lightweight and small.

AirTag vs. GPS tracker 

GPS tracking has been an option for tracking pets for a while. However, GPS trackers are not very practical for tracking cats since they are relatively large, require a monthly subscription and need to be charged regularly. Unlike other Bluetooth trackers, the AirTag is an innovative solution for finding lost cats. Especially in urban areas, i.e. in areas with many Apple device users, an AirTag works well as a cat tracker. 👉 Here we explain which tracker could be the right one for you, in detail 👈 Should you decide that the Airtag is the right solution for you, NEMO is the perfect cat collar to go with it.

🐦 Free-roaming cats are controversial topic for many people as they are often seen as a danger to many bird species. We love cats, but at the same time we want to do our best to protect birds from them, too. We deliberately avoided using bells for our collar as cats have really sensitive ears. As an alternative for the protection of birds - in addition to the plain black version - we offer NEMO in two bright neon colours (🟧 orange and 🟨 yellow). Since birds have really good eyes they can quickly recognize those unnatural neon colours as a potential threat.


  • Diameter encasing: 3,5 cm
  • Length collar: max. 34,5 cm
  • Width collar: 1 cm

Neck circumference:

  • Suitable for cats with neck circumference of 20-31 cm

Quick release clasp:

  • Opens at force pulling with 2,5 kg


    • Collar: 100 % silicone
    • AirTag encasing: TPE (food-grade)
    • Aluminum button


    • approx. 10 g (without AirTag)
    • AirTag weighs approx. 11 g (incl. battery)**

    Product variation:

    • Black (standard)
    • Neon orange (easily visible for birds)
    • Neon yellow (easily visible for birds)

    **AirTag is not included in purchase. Has to be bought separately eg. at Apple or Cyberport

    Developed and designed in Munich, Made in China

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 91 reviews
    Renate Imhof

    Das Halsband war ganz ok. Aus uns u bekannten Grûnden wurde es wohl ziemlich angekaut (gehen davon aus, dass es eine andere Katze war) und jetzt hält der AirTag nicht mehr :-) Da unsere Katze bisher immer zurück gekommen ist, haben wir sie ohne AirTag rausgelassen.

    Mike Bürgler
    Top Produkt

    Gibt noch mehr dazu zu sagen

    Petra Grabe
    Super Katzehalsband

    Wurde anstandslos von den Katzen akzeptiert, sehr weich, bin top zufrieden

    Gesa Zoellinger
    Nemo Halsband!

    Super leichtes Halsband! AirTag passt genau wie es soll! Meine beiden hatten von Anfang an Null Probleme damit! So einfach hat das noch nie funktioniert und Ich bin total zufrieden! Meine Katzen sind Stubentiger aber gehen mit Geschirr spazieren und da finde Ich es wichtig dass Falls Sie mir abhauen sollten dass Ich Sie dadurch vielleicht doch orten kann! Das einzige wäre besser wenn noch mehr Löcher im Halsband wären denn meine sind Supermodels und ich musste noch ein Loch selber stechen! Ansonsten Super!

    Marie-Claude Jordan

    NEMO - Katzenhalsband für den AirTag

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