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PORCELAIN CAT FOOD BOWL (∅ 16 cm) Claudia Schoemig x LucyBalu (White)

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  • Design and function. This food and water bowl for cats is hand crafted from fine porcelain and glazed on the inner surface - this makes it hygienic and also dishwasher-proof.
  • Hypoallergenic. Porcelain is ideal for sensitive cats with allergies. No more contact allergies or alteration in the foods taste.
  • Flexible use. These unique pieces can be used as food as well as water bowls. 

  • Pure craftsmanship. These bowls are handcrafted in Claudia Schoemigs porcelain-atelier in Berlin.

  • Stand-alone yet harmonious. The bowl is the perfect addition to our LucyBalu collection but can also serve as a beautiful stand-alone piece.

    Sleek and functional cat bowl CLAUDIA SCHOEMIG.
    The food and water bowl for cats from our collaboration is a special designer piece. It combines the high quality, luxury material porcelain with the functionality of a well-designed cat bowl. The "Claudia Schoemig X LucyBalu" bowl captivates with its´clean-cut and chic, almost sultry, optics as well as its´clear stylistic idiom. Each cat bowl is handcrafted in Claudia Schoemigs atelier in Berlin which makes every piece a unicum. To ensure that the bowls are hygienic the inner surface is glazed which makes cleaning them super easy - they even are dishwasher-proof! This makes porcelain the perfect material to use for cats that suffer from plastic or metal allergies.  

    The outside surface of each piece stays matt - this creates a beautiful contrast within the unicum itself. Its shape and size are perfect for a cat to eat or drink from it. The materiel if fine but also stable. This collaboration will be available exclusively on our website. 

    Our collaboration 
    We´re happy to finally release another exciting and creative collaboration! As well-designed, high-quality products are just as important to us as individuality and craftsmanship we are so excited to be working with the amazing porcelain-artist Claudia Schoemig.

    Schoemig and our product designer Sebastian Frank designed this very special cat bowl in liaison. Why are we so excited about the product? Claudia Schoemig is able to do what only a handful of people can do: she is working with the material porcelain on a potter´s wheel, similarly to pottery, but the material itself is so fine and hard to work with that only a small number of people are able to use it that way - and in our opinion only she does it this ingeniously and beautifully. We searched long and hard to find the perfect match for our porcelain-bowl collaboration, until we found Claudia Schoemig.
    She handcrafts these unique pieces exclusively for our collaboration. Each piece in this collection is therefore a unicum. 

    The artists style is a perfect match for our signature LucyBalu design. Her work is clean-cut, chic and delicate. This makes her bowls the perfect addition to the rest of our products.

    Claudia Schoemig

    Claudia Schoemigs pieces are defined by her deep understanding of the special material porcelain. Her work is clean and unobtrusive but shapely at the same time. As a visual artist and ceramist she and her team create art with the highest technical perfection.  


    • Diameter: 16 cm
    • Height: 3,5 cm


    • approx. 0,5 kg


    • approx. 250 ml


    • Fine porcelain (glazed inner surface / matt outside surface)

    Handmade in Berlin

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jakob Cornelia

    Die Schalen sind wunderschön.

    Carole Planzer

    Super Produkt


    Bin super zufrieden mit meinen beiden Katzennapfs von Claudia Schoeming x LucyBalu! Und die Hauptsache, mein verwöhnter Coonie liebt sie auch!

    Danke für das tolle Feedback!
    Solche Worte motivieren uns sehr :-)

    Line Olesen
    Beautiful and functional

    A beautiful and functional ceramic bowl. I use mine as water bowl for my British Shorthair and she seems very content with it as well.

    Thank you so much for your review!
    We are happy to hear that your cat loves the new bowl!

    G. Gerber
    Toller Napf

    Habe diesen schönen Porzellannapf für das Trockenfutter unserer beiden Siamkatzen gekauft und er fühlt sich nicht nur gut an, sondern sieht auch noch richtig edel aus…

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