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LucyBaluCatnip – dried and rubbed

Our high quality dried catnip is delivered to your home in an elegant yet functional Perspex vial. An impermeable cork allows for an airtight seal of the product keeping plant aromatic and dry.   LucyBalu's cat to Mint Ball can be refilled with this catnip.

Our catnip can however be utilized in a wide variety of situations and can positively contribute to the physical and mental well-being of your feline friend. The effects it has will vary with your cat's unique personality. Examples for its usage include the following:   

  • Familiarising your cat with new places and creating positive associations with those.
  • Calming your cat in stressful situations e.g. a vet visit or a car ride 
  • Enticing play and movement in familiar environments
  • supporting element in the introduction of two yet to be acquainted cats 

Detailed product information:

The vial containing the catnip is packaged in a protective black cinch bag


• Height: 12 cm
• Diameter: 2 cm 


• 5g

Delivery Time 1-3 days*

* applies to deliveries within Germany. For delivery times for other countries, please see the button with the shipping information payment and shipping.

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