Cat wall stair STEPS

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Note: the STEPS XL climbing stair for cats requires more space to move & climb.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Full access all around: bridge longer distances for your cat so it can climb on galleries, wall projections, window sills, cupboards, etc.
  • More movement: even in small rooms you can offer more freedom of movement for your house cat by using your walls. This is how to best look after urban cats. 
  • Sheer variety: young cats in particular want variety in their active hours. Use your walls as a new playground and promote your cat's joy of playing as well as its exercise! 
  • Simple design: we have designed our STEPS as delicately as possible so that you do not have to "clutter" your walls. According to the slogan "Exercise for your cat - living atmosphere for you".
  • Individually combinable: every wall is different, and every cat can reach different distances. Our STEPS can be mounted on your wall according to your cat's personal needs.

For cats that aim high. LucyBalu's minimalistic cat climbing aid will fit into any home. Cats want to climb high! You have been looking for a solution for your cat(s) to overcome larger distances without cluttering your walls? Then our STEPS are ideal. Even large and heavy cats can move freely on the delicate stairs STEPS. They are constructed using particularly hard steel metal.

Are these STEPS too slippery for cats? Of course not! 
We focus on animal-friendly design, considering we originally developed our products for the animal shelter in Munich. The metal is coated with a special structure to provide grip for your cats. They typically get used to the clean surface quickly. If you are afraid the surface might be too "slippery" we recommend you attach our natural CORK PADS. Our cat steps are cat-friendly with rounded corners, so that cats cannot hurt themselves. Expand your cat's freedom of movement with barely any visible changes to your living space! The minimalist shape of the STEPS ensures clarity and elegance. At the same time, you create a connection from the floor to a lying or climbing surface using a few steps (often one STEP can be sufficient). The STEPS are sold in sets of 3 and can be combined with our SWING hammock, the wall bed STRAIGHT or the climbing aid WAVE.

The floating stairs on the wall for cats.
Expand your cat's range of movement with hardly any visible changes to your living space! The minimalist form of the STEPS provides clarity and elegance. At the same time, you can create a connection from the floor to a lying or climbing surface using just a few steps (often one step is enough).

LucyBalu customer service:
Do you have a question about this product, or do you need advice on how to apply our products to your interior? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help:

Phone: +49 (0)89 121 294 20

Detailed product information:


• Width: 18 cm
• Height: 18  cm
• Depth: 5 cm


• Set of 3: 1.9  kg
• Set of 5: 3.0 kg

Color options (Material: powder-coated sheet metal):

• Anthracite
• White

Matching cork pads:

You can use our STEPS with or without our Cork Pads. Our STEPS can also be fitted later if your cat cannot cope with the surface's structure or if it is too hard for your cat.


• Quick and easy installation with two screws (each STEPS) 
• Standard screws and dowels are included
• Important: make sure you use suitable screws and dowels for your wall during installation! 

Assembly and care instructions as PDF

Delivery time 1-3 days*

Made in Germany

* applies to deliveries within Germany. For delivery times for other countries, please see the button with the shipping information payment and shipping.

    Customer Reviews

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    Einfach wunderschön 😍

    Meine Katzen lieben die Swing Liege und ich auch 🥰 sie passt perfekt zu unserer Einrichtung und fügt sich ganz dezent ein.

    Lässige Katzehängematte

    Super moderne Katzenhängematte schön Verarbeitet alles Tip Top. Da würde man am liebsten selber rein liegen. Jedoch Aufgepasst für alle die in die Schweiz Liefern das DHL kommt noch mit einem rechten Betrag dazu. Aber es Lohnt sich allemal.

    Schön, vielleicht etwas klein

    Die Katzen mögen die Stufen und nutzen sie auch rege. Könnten vielleicht etwas größer sein, aber für schlanke, eher kleine Katzen passen sie ganz gut.