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CATWALK - Wall mounted scratching pole

In stock: delivery time 1-3 days*
  • Healthier cats through more movement: with the at home tree trunk CATWALK 

  • More space for your cats: by combining our wall mounted products you can utilize the vertical wall space in your home, giving your cats more room to play and relax

  • More balance: with the round trunk your cats will need to activate more muscle groups to be balancing on it

  • More well-being: thanks to the Sisal, used to wrap the trunk, your cat can both sharpen its claws and mark their territory while doing it - both essential for a cats well-being

  • Highest quality: with the high-quality materials form Germany used for the CATWALK we ensure an equally high-quality product


The race track for our cats - the CATWALK

Cats are active and energetic animals - hard to believe considering they sleep up to 20 hours a day. The time they do spend being awake they will be all the more active, though. To help satisfy their urge to move, LucyBalu developed the CATWALK. In combination with other wall mounted elements from our product range your cats can run or even sprint around rooms along the walls. 
Cats love climbing up and down tree trunks and branches just for fun or to sharpen their claws. Regular cat trees for the home are not made to mimic this natural structure and movement pattern. The CATWALK is made for exactly that. It can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally - it´s individually adaptable to every living space.

A match for every type of cat 

It doesn´t matter if the cat wants to mark their territory, explore the heights or run around the room balancing on the trunk - with the CATWALK they can do all of that and more. Creating an adventure wall for your cat is super easy using it. The CATWALK can be installed to meet the cats needs and therefore create different ways for your cat to move around the home. The cat furniture piece consists of a stable metal frame that can easily be mounted to the wall with only 4 screws and a solid wood trunk wrapped in sisal. The trunk can easily be replaced should your cat ever enjoy scratching the sisal a little bit too much. Of course you can also install multiple CATWALKS right next to each other creating a race track for especially energetic cats. 

Design and quality combined

With the CATWALK, as with all our products, we highly value a sustainable, cat and owner friendly design. Using solid wood and metal in the design ensures the longevity of the product. The round shape of the trunk will also serve as the perfect workout for cat muscles, keeping them strong and healthy.
Even though the CATWALK was designed to meet a cats needs, we also kept their owners in mind. The CATWALK is a real designer piece using sleek, elegant metal for the frame in the typical LucyBalu colors white and anthracite, making sure the product will blend into every home and its unique interior design, perfectly.  



  • Length: 70 cm
  • Depth:  15 cm
  • Height: 9 cm
  • Circumference trunk: 8,5 cm


  • approx. 2,5 kg

Color variations:

  • Metal anthracite (RAL 7016) with sisal anthracite
  • Metal white (RAL 9016) with sisal natural

Note: Sisal is a high-quality natural material. Slight variations in color are normal.


  • Easy installation with four screws (can be installed in any angle) 
  • Scope of delivery includes standard screws and dowels
  • Note: Please make sure to use screws and dowels suitable for your wall type


  • Two millimetre thick sheet steel, powder-coated


  • The powder coating protects from dirt and stains while being eco-friendly as it´s solvent-free
  • Our products are made to last a cats life long
  • The sisal pole can easily be replaced if necessary

Made in Germany



Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Super Kratzstamm

Unsere kleine Katze springt an dem Kratzstamm hoch und zieht sich daran hoch bis sie obendrauf sitzt. Haben als zusätzliche Motivation einen Glöckchen-Ball am Stamm befestigt.

Diana Ernemann
Katze ist happy ;-)

Der Catwalk sieht super schön aus an der Wand, Katze hat sofort verstanden was sie damit machen kann. Durch die kleinen Treppen an der Wand kann sie jetzt easy ihr Bett auf der Fensterband betreten, da Springen im hohen Alter leider etwas schwer ist. Kratzbaum ist auch in Ordnung meint die Mitbewohnerin. Wir sind begeistert. Danke ;-)

Kratzstamm wird zu Element für Kratzbaum

Ich habe den Kratzstamm an der Wand neben den Stufen befestigt. Es dient als Verbindung von Ebene zur Ebene. Es sieht klasse aus und sieht eleganter aus, als wuchtige herkömmliche Kratzbäume. Er kratzt gerne daran und klettert hoch. Er nimmt es gerne an! Gerne sitzt er darauf, da er noch klein ist und drauf passt. Als Verbesserung fand ich es noch super, wenn die Oberfläche oben noch einen Aufsatz bekäme (Filz oder Kork) damit er sich mit den Krallen halt findet, wenn er noch weiter hoch will! Grüße

Susann Folske
Top Qualität

Die Katzen-Wandliege hat eine super Qaulität. Sie ist sehr fein und passt sich dem Wohnungsdesign super an.

Was ein schönes Foto!
Vielen Dank für diese tolle Bewertung :-)

G. Gerber
Toller Kletter- und Kratzstamm

Unsere beiden Miezen haben den Kratzstamm direkt angenommen und wir haben ihnen mit der Wave, der Choupette- Hängematte und den Steps eine schöne, abwechslungsreiche Kletterwand geschaffen, die sie gerne erkunden und die noch stylisch aussieht.

Wow! Was ein Katzenparadies!
Da wird man ja glatt neidisch ;-)
Wir wünschen weiterhin viel Spaß mit der Kletterwand!

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