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CORK PADS for WAVE | Set of 2

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Our precisely fitting cork pads for the WAVE cat climbing aid are made of natural cork in Portugal.

The CORK PADS are provided with a full-surface adhesive tape and can thus be easily attached to the surface of the WAVE. For optical reasons, we have left some "air" on all sides so that the WAVE remains an eye-catcher in your beautiful home even with CORK PADS.

It doesn't get any more ecological than this!

The pads are natural, soft and non-slip. In addition, the cork pads keep the freshness and also the warmth when the cat wants to linger on the WAVE.

Why cork from Portugal?

Cork is one of the characteristic natural products of Portugal, the world's most important cork exporter. Nowhere else are so many cork oaks found in nature. Cork is resistant, recyclable, hypoallergenic and has thermal properties. In our view, this makes the material ideal for cats.



  • Breite: 38,5 cm
  • Tiefe: 27 cm
  • Höhe: 0,3 cm



  • Kork

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